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Piano Lessons in Vienna

Artistic and technical guidance for outstanding achievements in piano playing!

Private instruction

for pupils, including adults, with previous training.

25 years experience teaching piano.

Weekly or occasional lessons.

4th district

 Deutsch • English • Français



for public organisations

(music teachers' associations, summer festivals, etc.)

or in private settings.


"I have never come across a teacher quite like Mr. Dupuis. In addition to sharing fascinating musical insights, he is able to communicate the how-to of stunning piano technique. Lessons with him have been the highlight of my music education."

— Laura Tyrrell, B.Mus (Piano)

Director, West Point Grey School of Music

"Mr. Dupuis helped me discover the joy of performance. Without his influence, I would never have pursued my career in music."
— Andrew Warriner, B.Mus. (Piano Performance)

"Learning from Mr. Dupuis was a most inspirational experience; not only did he inspire me to become a pianist, performer and teacher, but most of all — a musician."
— Stella Tung, ARCT (Piano Performer/Teacher)

"Mr. Dupuis adeptly communicates the wide range of complexities in learning to play the piano. I came out of each lesson highly motivated and confident that I would be prepared thoroughly for successful performances."
— Deborah Grimmett, M.Mus. (Piano Performance)

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